Music to our Ears

Gabriela O'Brion , Staff Writer

On Friday, March 28th, the Robinson Band traveled to King to participate in the Music Performance Assessment (MPA), where high school bands across the county are evaluated based on a performance of three pieces of music and sight-reading. Every one of the students participated in one or more of the two groups that went, which were Concert Band and Wind Ensemble.

“We prepared using methods transferred over from marching band. Each instrument section is learning the same part on different notes, which is coordinated by the section leaders,”  said Eddie Hopson-Ferdanes (’16)

Both groups received high marks for their performances. Concert band obtained an excellent and Wind Ensemble received a superior, on a scale of good to superior.

“Building up to MPA, we experienced a few issues but during that night, everything just clicked,” said Hopson-Ferdanes. “I’m in the horn section, and we just sounded a million times better, and I attribute that to hard work and determination.”