A Masterful Musician


Ninth grade double bass player Kyle Johnson became a Master Musician, which is designed to encourage talented music students to be involved with orchestra, band, or chorus outside of school. Acceptance into the program was based on a student’s portfolio and their passing of a test.

“I had to study the Alfred Music Theory Book, and put together a resume,” said Johnson.

Johnson also had to sumbit and record 12 scales, a solo, and an excerpt from an etude book. In addition to that, Sarah Taylor, the orchestra director, wrote him a letter of recommendation.

“My passion for orchestra and music inspired me to enroll in the Master Musician program,” he said.

Johnson has been in orchestra since middle school and decided to continue playing throughout high school. He said he enjoyed the class most because of the great teachers he had.

“It was really exciting to achieve this award,” said Johnson. “It was a lot of work but it paid off in the end.”