Gas Prices Plummet in Tampa


Photo I. Hanewicz

Cars in the student parking lot. For students like these, driving to school became cheaper as gas lowered.

Michelle Santacreu and Frankie Wilson

The price of gas has been dropping since mid-October. The prices have recently dropped to around $2.50 per gallon. The average price of gas in Florida is currently $2.55 per gallon. Tampa’s average is slightly lower, at $2.46 per gallon. These price drops are equivalent to a $125 billion tax cut.

The reason the prices have dropped so drastically can be accounted for by the recent findings of more oil sites in America. Due to this, the US does not have to import as much oil from foreign countries.

Tampa Historical Gas Price Charts Provided by

Here’s what students have to say about the recent price changes:

Cheyenne Follenius (’15) “I think the decrease in gas helps the common population, as in me and the other drivers, but I don’t think it’s good for the government because they’re not making as much tax as they could be.”

Lauren Campbell (’15) “I think it’s great that gas prices are declining because I live pretty far away from school so it’s less money.”

Eric Vance (’17) “I think that the recent decrease is pretty cool because it helps, especially with us high schoolers. We earn very little, for those of us who even have jobs. I’m happy about it.”