Junior College Night

Sarah Jennewein, Staff Writer

This Wednesday, April 5, the school will be holding a college interview panel to help teach juniors about the college process and introduce them to some potential college options. The CUBE, a Robinson High School college advisory organization consisting of parent volunteers, will host the event.

“Senior year starts before senior year,” explains CUBE volunteer Elizabeth Hurd. “There is more than you can possibly imagine to do, and if the students can at least hear some of it as a junior, it gives the students a better chance to start really thinking about where they want to apply before it’s immediate.”

Parents are encouraged to attend as well, and learn about how they can assist and support their child in the college admissions process.

“Frankly, a lot of parents did this so long ago, and we don’t have the tools and experience to help our students. This way we all hear from people that have gone through it,” Hurd said.

The selective presentation will include the Dean of the USF Honors College, as well as admissions officers from the University of Florida and Eckerd College. Alumni from Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, and Dartmouth College will also be speaking, followed by a question and answer session with all representatives and alumni present.

The event will be held Wednesday, April 5, in the Media Center.