Teacher Feature| Maureen Pelamati

Samantha Verdisco, Staff Writer

Maureen Pelamati, the the multi-talented Language Arts teacher, originally grew up in Akron, Ohio. Pelamati graduated from Coventry High School and attended Wright State University. Later, she transferred to Kent State University and earned a theater degree.

When it comes to her schedule outside of the classroom, Pelamati participates in multiple activities.

“Currently, I love dancing. I used to be a ballroom dance instructor,” she said.

Although she now teaches English, Pelamati’s passion for theater still remains a part of her everyday life.

“I am the sponsor for the Performing Arts Club, and I am Robinson’s Thespian Troupe adviser. Next year, I will be teaching two theater classes and musical theater.”

Pelamati’s experience as a teacher has allowed her to discover that she can channel all her interests into one subject.

“Teaching English is a way that I can combine my interests and skills. I have a background in theater [as mentioned before]; I was in the military and I was a journalist there. Because I have  journalism and theater background, being an English teacher is a place where I can do all of these things.”