5 Question with Trina Rodriguez

What made you decide to become an educator?

At a young age, I knew that I had a passion for learning and helping my mom in her classroom when she worked with SLD students. as i grew older, I was strivin toward a law degree but always knewthat I wanted to teach at some point in my lifetime. As time grew closer to declare a majore and make a career choice, I went with my true passion to work with children.

If you could go back and change your profession, would you? Why? What would you change it to?

Honestly, I would not. I love what I do and I have seen the fruits of my labor in the successo f the students that I have taught over the years; and being able to hear from a former student that being in my class or being their administrator had an impact on their life, has been the greatest reward!

What is your favorite part of working as an educator? What inspires you out of school to continue working?

My favorite part of working as an educator is the ability to work with students in realizing their full potetial and finding their own passions in life.

My passion for literacy and understanding that one’s education is the key to opening doors in this world is what has always inspired me to staying in education. I have my own personal goals to be a life-longer learner and to better myself as I earn my Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Describe your biggest accomplishment  as an educator, and how it changed you (and/or your professional life).

This is a tough one. It actually isn’t exactly my personal accomplishment, but I taught a young man several years ago that may people had given up on, but I never stopped believing in. After four long years in high school, he finally met all of his graduation requirements, became an all-star track athlete and earned a scholarship to a small school in Alabama to run track and earn his degree. He came back to see me and told me that he was majoring in Education and wanted to be a teacher to “pay it forward” for all that I did for him and for not giving up on him. I was so incredibly proud to see him walk across the stage graduation day. There have been several stories to follow, but he was the first to touch my heart.

What is your plan or next goal to hep grow and develop Robinson High School?

Robinson High School has achieved so much as a school in recent years and I hope to continue to make our academic programs and our school a full-service institution, where there is something for everyone. We hace Culinary, ROTC, Aerospace, Child Care, IB, a stong Music and Art progam and various certification programs. It is my goal and passion to get students involved in an academic career path that matches their interests and talents and graduate students who are college and career ready.