2016 Presidential Debate Preview

September 23, 2016

Ever since the Kennedy-Nixon election in 1960, debates have been a critical part of presidential campaigns. They give the American public a chance to see the candidates face off and defend their policy ideas. Consequently, they also play an important role in deciding the outcome of the election. Many historians argue that the first televised debate won Kennedy the Oval Office.

2016 has been an extremely contentious election year. The country is divided and the headlines seem to get worse and worse every day. However, on November 8, the time will come to make a decision on the future of the country. Monday night’s presidential debate is likely to significantly influence what that decision will be. But will anyone be watching?

Students Reluctant to Watch Presidential Debate

Monday night’s debate will give the American public a chance to step away from the headlines and hear each candidate defend their own policies on the national stage. With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with in two points of each other on some national polls, many are expecting these debates to impact the outcome of the election. However, after asking students from Twitter if they were planning on watching the debate, less than 50 percent said yes.

For Liliam Clavijo (’17), watching the debate is an opportunity to see how the issues most important to her are viewed by each candidate. To Clavijo, immigration and global terrorism are top priorities.

“The stances are so completely different [between the candidates] with the refugees and terrorists,” Clavijo said. “I think [the debates] are more important in this election than any past elections.”

However, some students have become so disillusioned with the election, that they do not plan on watching the debate, despite being concerned about the issues.

“There’s nothing intelligent that is going to come out… of either of the candidates,” said Graham Willoughby (’18), who sees significant flaws in both Clinton and Trump. “It’s a mess.”

Like Willoughby, Deborah Goncalves (’18), is also disappointed with the campaign. However, she sees value in watching the debate and staying informed.

“Honestly, I think it is one of the most ridiculous elections of this nation,” Goncalves said. “But I still keep up with it. The fact is that this election will be a part of our futures… A lot can happen in four years with a President.”


The debate will be held on Monday, Sept. 26 at 9 pm. The topics will be chosen by NBC Nightly News anchor Lestor Holt and will be broadcast from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY.

2016 in Florida

For the past several elections, the state of Florida has played an important role as a “swing state.” Here is where the candidates stand in the Sunshine State:

At Least DVR It… (Opinion)

It’s September now, and after more than a year of partisan bickering, divisive politics, and angry rhetoric, we still have 45 days left until the election.

Cue the groans.

Yes, this has been a particularly exhausting election cycle.

We’ve watched a 23-candidate primary, a Russian email leak, an FBI investigation. We’ve watched riots and protests and twitter fights. We’ve heard hatred and anger and frustration.

And the first debate has not even happened yet.

Even I, a political junkie, hesitate to open Twitter for fear that I’ll get caught in the chaos that is this election. I used to watch the news every single night. Lately, I have opted for Friends reruns instead.

But now, 45 days out from the campaign, it’s time to get serious again.

This election matters more than we can imagine. We have two candidates coming from completely different sides of the spectrum. And whether you like it or not, one of them will become our next president. So, instead of hiding under the covers, it is time to accept the people we have nominated and try to make an informed decision.

At this point, that’s the best we can do.


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