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The student news site of Robinson High School

Knight Writers

The student news site of Robinson High School

Knight Writers

Weekly Vexation

Morgan FeltMorgan Felt (’17) has many defining qualities; she’s very organized, she loves her dog, she’s obsessed with the color purple. Most of all, however, she has a lot of pet peeves- far more than the average person. In fact, so many things bother Morgan that she’s written a whole blog about them. She hopes that her readers can sympathize with her struggles.



jacobApril 15, 2016- Organization is Key

I pride myself with being a very organized person and make a conscious effort to stay as organized as possible, but, unfortunately many of my classmates do not share the same qualities when it comes to neatness. In high school, I have always considered it essential to maintain at least a minimal level of organization, but many students that defy this custom while still maintaining good grades. READ MORE


cutting in lineApril 8, 2016- “No Cutzies”

Cutting someone in line is just as immature as it seems, and is typically an issue in elementary school when kids are learning what behavior is socially acceptable (which is why we all know the phrase “no cutzies”). But elementary schoolers are not the only culprits of this social injustice. Many times within my 17-year-old life I’ve seen adults cutting in line. READ MORE


IMG_0531April 4, 2016- Annoying Habits

We all have an annoying habit- chewing with your mouth open, clicking pens, talking loudly in public settings. They are things we can be completely unaware of, yet they can be some of the most frustrating things to hear. For me, constant tapping (or any other repetitive background noise) is a deal breaker, but many others also view these noises as distracting and irritating. READ MORE


IMG_0351March 28, 2016- Personal Space

One of the most prevalent social norms is the idea of personal space. From being surrounded by strangers on an airplane to chatting with your friends during lunch, people respect other’s personal bubbles, or at least, they should. I personally hate when people fail to recognize my personal space, but I’m not alone. Many others also see the social implication of not respecting someone’s personal space. READ MORE


A Robinson senior attempts to manage school, and multiple sports along with the stressful college application process. March 11, 2016- Balancing School and, Well, Everything Else

High school is tough. Whether it’s IB, AP, honors classes, sports, clubs, volunteering, work, religious organizations, SATs, ACTs, you name it, high schoolers are worrying about it. Why is it that we put a tremendous amount of pressure and responsibility on kids? High school seniors are deciding what college they want to go to and ultimately their college majors and career paths… READ MORE


A group of sophomore students excitedly chit chat during lunch, exchanging drama. March 4, 2016- “No Offense, But…”

Offensive remarks are simply a part of life, but one phrase in particular is extremely obnoxious: no offense. It’s a phrase used by someone who is about to insult you.“No offense, but your hair looks bad today.” “No offense, but you’re an awful person.” No offense is not a cure-all for any insult you want to throw my way. Informal language is an inevitable part of a teenager’s life. The many different phrases that teenagers have a tendency to use incorrectly. READ MORE


It is inevitable to see these Tory Burch sandals in the hallways at Robinson. February 26, 2016- Overpriced Products

I despise movie theater popcorn. It is the bane of my existence. No, not because it is usually drenched in loads of greasy, melted butter, but because the markups can reach up to 1,275%, making a tub that costs less than 25 cents almost $6. Overpriced products have reached an all-time extreme, with greeting cards, hotel minibars and bottled water… READ MORE

So, chivalry isn't dead? High school hallways are commonly filled with friendly hands holding doors, but not always. February 19, 2016- Etiquette

Manners. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, and we all use them (or at least we should) and they vary from culture to culture. The necessity of manners has always been emphasized to me, and for good reason. However, I feel social etiquette has taken a back seat when it comes to our generation’s fast paced lives. I’m often surprised when I hear someone give a simple “thank you” for holding the door open or say “bless you” after a sneeze. READ MORE


Two students gossip while leaving another girl out of the loop - high school exclusion at its prime.February 12, 2016- Exclusion

We’ve all been there. Feeling left out of a group is a regular high school occurrence, and there is constant pressure to belong, whether it be to a clique, a team or even a relationship. This necessity for group acceptance is only perpetuated by the confines of high school walls. READ MORE



A common high school sight, a student walks into class late, catching her classmates' attention.

February 5, 2016- Chronic Lateness

I really don’t see any excuses for chronic lateness. It’s not like I’ve never been late, because I have most definitely had my fair share of crises, and I understand that life happens. But when it comes down to being late all the time, especially for important events, there comes a point where you need to sit down and think about the problem. READ MORE


A common sight in many high schools, two students sitting together but too distracted by their phones to even look up.

January 29, 2016- Put Down Your Phone

“Mental presence” is an idea that my family has always stressed, and I have come to appreciate it. But I have realized that many of my peers don’t feel the same way. Sure, cell phones have their benefits, but there comes a time where teens need to know… READ MORE

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