RHSToday in Fashion: Western style


Dusold’s full outfit.

Amelia Foster, A&E Editor, Multimedia Editor

Emily DuSold (’21) dresses up western style for school spirit.

About the student: 

Name: Emily Dusold

Dusold is part of Robinson’s Student Government Association, and recently started the club RHS Demands Action.


Why did you choose that outfit for today?

“I didn’t really have any other western stuff so I figured overalls and like a flannel and boots and stuff would look cowboy-ish.”

Did you already have those clothes with you or did you get them for today?

“Everything except the cowboy hat I already had.”

Where’d you get the cowboy hat from?

“Northern Tool. They have these cowboy hats but they also have actual cowboy hats.”

Are you going to the game tonight?

“Oh yeah.”

Are you going to stay in that outfit?

“Hopefully. I might change into overall shorts though because it’s going to be like 90 degrees.”

What was your goal in creating that outfit?

“Just to have fun and show school spirit for the game.”

If you could add anything to your outfit, what would it be?

“I’d put on actual cowboy boots instead of like combat boots.”

Was there a specific western vibe you were going for?

‘You know that ‘It ain’t much but it’s honest work meme?’ that yeah. That’s the aesthetic I was going for.”

How do you feel about this outfit compared to other school spirit outfits you’ve worn before?

“The last one I wore was a Hawaiian shirt so this one was a little bit less comfortable because it’s hotter but I like the themes we pick.”


About the outfit

The shirt: Dusold’s choice of a flannel shirt creates instant Western vibes, and the dark colors compliment the lighter of the overalls. Rolling the sleeves up simultaneously makes the outfit more comfortable in Florida weather, and adds even more of a cowboy touch.

The pants: Overalls, although not a unique choice for a cowboy, were a unique choice at Robinson today, and Dusold stood out while wearing them. The rips make the pants choice cooler in the heat, and rolling the cuffs makes the outfit more stylish and modern.

The accessories and hair: A cowboy isn’t a cowboy if their hair is down. Dusold took the time to put her hair in two low pigtails, keeping the hair over her shoulders in an almost Dorothy-esque style. The hat, simple straw for the summer, pulls together the Western outfit together as a final touch to really emphasize the cowboy style.