Review: Post Malone is not a rockstar

Morgan Brazier, Editor-in-Chief

I freaking love Post Malone, which is weird for me because I normally do not like music like his. I was very excited to go to his concert and while I had a great time, I was underwhelmed.

The concert was supposed to start at eight, but Malone didn’t come on stage until 10. There were two opening acts before him, neither of which I was crazy about and they didn’t even fill the whole two hour gap. We ended up just sitting there waiting for a solid hour between the opening acts and Post. I was disappointed right off the bat.

At almost every concert I’ve been to, I felt like the artist made a lot of an effort to connect with the audience, rather it was by running out into the crowd or just talking in between songs. Malone didn’t really do either of these things. He did talk to the audience a little bit but it was mostly just very cliche phrases like “I love my fans, you guys are great”. He also used the phrase “Thank you so f***ing much” after almost every song.

Overall I just had expected a more energetic performance from Post. I felt like he was just kind of walking back and forth on the stage and mumbling words without much passion for what he was doing.

With that said, there were some songs which had a lot more energy to them during the performance. “Wow” was probably the most entertaining song of the concert, with Malone putting his hand on his hip in a very feminine posture a few times and then switching to much more masculine poses periodically. “Congratulations” was also more energetic and was the last song played, ending the concert on a strong note.

I also really enjoyed when Malone played “Stay. “This song is slow and acoustic, a stark difference from the rest of his music. Malone played “Stay” during the middle of the concert, sitting on a stool and playing guitar, which brought a much more personal tone to his performance.

Overall, I had a really good time at the concert but mostly I just enjoyed having fun with my friends; the actual concert was good, it was just not as exciting as I thought it would be.