Room 112’s Exam Playlist

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

Do you need songs to listen to help you focus and study for that stressful exam? Here are my top ten favorite songs to listen to when I study.

  1. Wish You Were Gay by Billie Eilish – The tempo of the song allows for an easy way to focus. The mellow tune and calm atmosphere it creates provides the perfect study environment. Billie Eilish is the perfect artist to listen to when you want to relax and maintain your focus.
  2. Missin You Crazy (Acoustic) by Russ – The slowed down tempo along with the calming sound of his voice makes you feel secure and capable of studying. The background sounds, consisting of guitar strums, fabricates a tranquil mood.
  3. Same Drugs by Chance the Rapper – The upbeat tone and voice give you just enough energy to get through those review packets. This song is a little faster than the others but Chance the Rapper’s voice is so unique and uplifting.
  4. Better by Khalid – Khalid’s smooth voice allows for a soothing, relaxing environment. Any of Khalid’s songs would be a good choice when studying. Usually I get distracted when listening to music when studying but Khalid is an exception because of his beautiful lyrics and unique voice.
  5. Anxiety by Julia Michaels (featuring Selena Gomez) – This song perfectly encaptures the emotion we always feel during exam week. The combination of their voices get the point of the song across while allowing you to relax and relate.
  6.  Shot Clock by Ella Mai – Mai’s voice creates a tune that is perfect for any occasion, including studying. What is great about this song is the smooth sound of her voice and flow of the lyrics along with the background add-ins.
  7. Budapest by George Ezra – It always seems like the most calming songs have guitars playing in them. That’s the reason this song is great background music for your study sesh. This song has been #1 in many countries and it’s obviously because of Ezra’s inspiring voice.
  8. Get You by Daniel Caesar (featuring Kali Uchis) – Not only does the beat of the song provide the relaxation that you need, but Daniel Caesar’s falsetto voice is so soothing that it’s easy to get lost in it. Kali Uchis’ feature perfectly matches with Caesar’s voice. Together it sounds like you have an R&B concert helping you focus.
  9. Memories by Maroon 5 – Unlike Maroon 5’s other songs, this song has a slow tempo accompanied with chill vibes. Adam Levine’s gentle voice is capable of calming your nerves when it comes to exams.
  10. Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles – The upbeat feeling of this song is just what you need to hype you up for the exams that you get worried about. The choice of background trumpets enlivens the mood, it allows you to loosen up and open your mind.