Things to do on GALentine’s Day

Want to stay busy on Valentine’s Day, but don’t have a significant other to do so with? Look no further!

Ava Hogan, Staff Writer

Are you a strong independent woman who don’t need no man? Well, you may be interested in celebrating GALentine’s Day this year. GALentine’s day is an alternative to Valentine’s Day, but doesn’t include all the ups and downs of a relationship. Most people think of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate the love between you and your man, but what if you don’t have a man, or don’t want a man? What if the relationships you have with your girlfriends are the only kind of relationships you need? Here are some GALentine’s Day ideas to help you embrace your life of singularity:

  1. Girls night out: GALentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the relationships your have with your best friends. The ones who are always there for you hold a special place in your heart. This relationship deserves its own kind of celebration! So go out to dinner, take some cute pictures and prove to yourself and others that you don’t need a man to be happy!
  2. #shredyourex at Hooters: This Valentine’s Day, if you bring a picture of your ex to Hooters, you get 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of any 10 wings! This is the best place to take your girlfriends on GALentine’s Day to have a good time. Whether you’re a heart breaker or heartbroken, Hooters is providing you with the opportunity to get over them! There will be paper shredders in the restaurant to help put the past behind you. What better way to move on? Free wings= free life.
  3. Movie night: A movie night with your girlfriends is the best way to get all your emotions out. Whether you need to cry, laugh or just escape reality for a while, movies are an awesome way to do so. So cuddle up, eat some snacks and be prepared to let your feelings go. From rom-coms to horror films, there are endless ways to embrace your newfound, or long-term, life of being single.