The Cardi B and Offset Meal Failed to Impress Me

Is this McDonald’s celebrity meal really worth sharing with your lover?


Photo Jadyn Grayes

The packaging of the Cardi B and Offset meal, which was the most creative aspect of this unoriginal meal.

Jadyn Grayes, Fun Coordinator

The infamous Mcdonald’s celebrity meals date back to 1992 with the McJordan Special. These are meant to be crafted, special meals that bring something different to the table. Regardless of the taste or specific recipe, uniqueness is what makes a good celebrity meal.

Mcdonald’s took a break from celebrity meals through the 2000s but made a significant return with the Travis Scott meal in 2020. They’ve been relatively consistent with these meals and have since released the BTS Meal, J Balvin Meal and Saweetie meal.

The most recent of the bunch is the Cardi B and Offset meal, a combination of a cheeseburger with BBQ sauce, a quarter pounder with cheese, a large fry, an apple pie, and a large Coca-Cola and Hi-C Orange Lavaburst for a total of $20.39.

The packaging is a fun component of these celebrity meals, which always almost come with a customized bag or packaging. The bag for the Cardi B and Offset meal comes with their names on the front, charming hearts on both sides and a Valentine’s Day note on the back asking, “Will you share this meal with me?”. It fits the theme so well, making this endearing touch my favorite part of the meal.

While I can admit the marketing of this and the timing of the release around Valentine’s Day is an absolutely adorable concept, the meal itself doesn’t strike me as anything particularly special. While pulling up to the drive-through, there was only one thought in my mind: am I really about to review a couple of McDonald’s burgers and fries?

Banalness aside, it can’t be denied that this meal isn’t good. The classic cheeseburger is arguably what Mcdonald’s does best, and the timeless flavor brings a cozy and familiar feeling. The tangy BBQ sauce added a nice touch of smokiness that elevated the overall burger.

The quarter pounder with cheese, while not as tasty as the standard cheeseburger, was enjoyable. The sliced onions and extra cheese completely change the tang and I think the contrast of the two burgers contributes to the idea that this is meant to be a meal split between people.

The large fry was, as always, delicious. A Mcdonald’s meal just wouldn’t be the same without it. The Apple Pie was a sweet finish to wrap up the savory relish of the other meal components.

If you’re looking for a combination to share with your burger-loving companion, this is the deal for you. Otherwise, I’d say save your money on this disappointingly original celebrity meal.