BLACKPINK Makes History as the First K-pop Group to Headline Coachella

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Photo Grimy Goods

The lineup of performers at the 2023 Coachella.

Whittaley Bowden, Senior Staff Writer

Blackpink’s recent performance at Coachella marked another milestone in the Korean music industry’s move to the U.S. The quartet, consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, delivered one of the most anticipated live performances on the festival’s stage.

The K-pop group’s dramatic and visually stunning showcase on the main stage was an introduction of the band to many American music fans, but for seasoned K-pop fans, it was just another outstanding act from the four-member girl group.

To start, Blackpink brought impressive dance moves and explosive energy to their headline performance. Wearing black-and-pink stage outfits, the group started with an attention-grabbing air of mystery, which they maintained throughout the show. Their electrifying dance routines and impactful vocal performances got the crowd hyped up, while also showcasing their incredible choreography skills. The members’ signature moves are emphasized by the backing dancers, who provided support and add to the overall performance.

Additionally, the tracklist for the concert was selected to showcase Blackpink’s diversity and identity as a group. Their first act of the setlist consisted of intense dance songs like “Kill This Love,” “Pink Venom,” “How You Like That,” “Pretty Savage,” “Kick It” and “Whistle.”

As the concert transitioned into the second act, the girls performed their solo acts. Jennie first performed “You & Me,” transitioning to Jisoo performing her recently released single “Flower,” then Rosé singing “Gone” and “On the Ground” and Lisa ending the solo act with her song “Money.”

In the final act, the girls played “BOOMBAYA,” “Lovesick Girls,” “Playing with Fire,” “Typa Girl,” “Shut Down,” “Tally,” “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and ended off the night with “Forever Young” which was particularly special to long-time fans. Their performance of the song held a special place in the hearts of long-time devoted fans, who were eager to see the girls perform the hit track live in the flesh.

The backdrop visuals were remarkable as well. From the intense blue and hot pink color transitions to revolutionized graphics and animated visuals, the group did not come to play. These elements made the performance enjoyable for the fans and the compelling display was captivating in a way that genuinely reflected the band’s inspiring energy, identity and themes.

Blackpink’s performance at Coachella was nothing short of exceptional. Their incredible performances, signature dance moves and appealing stage appearance provided witnessing crowds with an experience they’ll never forget. As a long-time fan, I enjoyed their headlining performance due to the fact that it acknowledges how the group has changed over the years. From self-love, acceptance and representation of girl power, BLACKPINK’s headlining performance will always be special to me and the future fans to come.

The diversity of the group’s music, combined with their overall presentation, left many in the audience wanting more. Blackpink’s impressive record-breaking and headline success at Coachella solidified the group’s position as one of the greatest musical acts of the current era.

Click below to view a short clip of their performance from Weekend Two.