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IVE Makes A “Switch” In Their Discography With Their New EP

K-pop group IVE releases their latest comeback album “Switch”
Photo Kpop Wiki
IVE’s “Switch” album cover

IVE, the powerhouse girl group that has taken the K-pop scene by storm, is back with a bang with their latest comeback, released on April 29, 2024, “Switch.”  This highly anticipated release sees the six-member group consisting of An Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo showcasing a fresh and energetic side that will surely captivate fans and new listeners alike.

“Switch” is honestly one of my favorite comebacks from this girl group. I love how the album opens with a pulsating beat that immediately sets the tone for an exhilarating ride. The production is sleek and modern, blending electronic elements with a catchy pop melody. As the song progresses, the members of IVE demonstrate their vocal prowess and charismatic stage presence, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop industry. It’s a solid addition to IVE’s growing discography and a testament to their continued growth as artists. It’s a song that will undoubtedly become a fan favorite, with its infectious energy and memorable hooks.

Track 1 – HEYA

Amazing title track; It has that “elegant IVE sound” in my opinion, but with a new kind of twist on it. There’s also some really fun moments in the instrumental that I loved as well. Liz has my favorite parts in the song, she sounds so phenomenal.

Track 2 – Accendio

I love the way the instrumental starts in this song; It sounds so unique, and the rapping to start it off was excellent. As well as Wonyoung and Liz following in with their great vocals. The increasing tempo for the prechorus with the high note was really cool as well. I can see what Wonyoung meant when she was comparing it with their song “Love Dive”, it has a bit of that electronic and mysterious feeling, and I love it.

Track 3 – Blue Heart 

I was immediately intrigued by this song when I saw the tracklist; More Wonyoung lyrics and I immediately thought of their song “Blue Blood” my favorite b-side from them. The percussion was my favorite part of this song, it ties everything together so well. The way the chorus comes in is pretty interesting as well; I didn’t expect it to hit a bit harder, I think I like the verses better than the chorus but it’s still a great song.

Track 4 – Ice Queen 

It’s giving similar vibes to their song “Hypnosis” . A bit metallic in parts, and then the mysterious “wooos” are giving similar vibes to “Love Dive” . I love the instrumental in this, that synth that repeats in the back is so pleasing. I love a dark and mysterious tone in their music; That part after the second chorus is my highlight of the song.

Track 5 – WOW

This is a brighter song to round out the track list; I enjoyed it, it’s really fun. I also like how in a sense the instrumental is almost contrasting to the vibe and delivery of the chorus; It sounds a bit more powerful, but it’s a bright song. I admire the little bits of drum and bass in the back.

Track 6 – RESET

The instrumental sounds just like a ASMR; it sounds so pleasant, that’s the highlight for me!! I’m not the biggest fan of the chorus though, I think it’ll grow on me sometime in the future, but it stands out as the weakest track of the bunch but the instrumental is so addictive; They sound great of course.

“Switch” carries a message of empowerment and self-confidence. The chorus is an anthem for anyone looking to take control of their destiny and embrace their true selves. It’s a theme that resonates with IVE’s youthful fanbase and serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking motivation and positivity. The members’ individual strengths shine through in this comeback. Whether it’s the powerful vocals, the effortless rap delivery, or the magnetic stage presence, each member brings something unique to the table. The chemistry among the group is palpable, and it’s clear that they are a tight-knit team with a bright future ahead of them.

Overall, “Switch” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates catchy pop music and dynamic performances. IVE has once again delivered a hit that is sure to dominate the charts and the hearts of fans worldwide. As the girls continue to rise in the K-pop world, this comeback proves that they are here to stay, ready to conquer new heights and switch things up along the way. If you haven’t already, be sure to give “Switch” a listen—you won’t be disappointed!


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