Meng Fei Shen

Thursday. It’s not the beginning, it’s not the middle,  and it’s not the end of the week. So really, not much excitement is instilled on this dull, not very special day. But one four-finger pose embellished by an unfriendly facial expression has changed it all. Thug Nasty Thursday, brain child of Justin Madison (’13) and Bruce Hector (’13), has become the new trend, on par with planking and Gangnum Style at Robinson. “We actually created it on accident. We used to play a game called Cody meets a friend,” Madison said. “One day, he didn’t show up, but we still wanted to mess with people. So we thought it’d be cool to have a thuggin’ expression with four fingers to represent Thursday.” Yep, that’s all it took for this pose to become viral; soon, people all over Robinson began to take pictures of the Thug Nasty Thursday pose, posting them on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. “If you go on Twitter, and hash tag Thug Nasty Thursday, you’ll find at least a thousand pictures,” Madison said. Not only existent at Robinson, this trend wormed its way into other Hillsborough County high schools.

“I taught my friends from other schools and they sort of began the trend at their schools,” Madison said. Madison has taken on and conquered a noble cause: he has actualyl been able to make Thursdays awesome.

It’s always nice for students to have a little fun to color their school careers so that when they look back at it, high school wasn’t just academic-induced stress and daily migraines.