Teacher Feature| James Buchanan


Photo S. Verdisco

Latin teacher James Buchanan.

Samantha Verdisco, Staff Writer

Being the new face around town is not new for teacher James Buchanan. Buchanan, who has taught for 10 years, traveled from place to place  since he was a child.

“When I was five, I moved to California, and at age fourteen I moved back to Michigan,” he said.

From there, Buchanan graduated from Centreville High School, then attended University of Michigan. He majored in both Latin and History and earned a minor in philosophy.

Although he is currently a Latin teacher, it was Buchanan’s passion for music that originally earned him a scholarship at Michigan.

“I used to play the baritone,” Buchanan said. “It was really fun.”

He declined the program’s offer because it was too time consuming and he did not want to major in the arts. However, Buchanan still enjoys listening to music.

“I am still obsessed with [it] even though I do not play anymore.”