ROTC January Recap, Results

Hannah Sheppard, Student Contributor

Editor’s Note: This story was sent to the staff by a student and has been slightly edited for journalistic style.  Have a story or photo you want to share? Email [email protected] or see Isabel Hanewicz in Room 112 during 4th, 6th or 7th periods.

  • Competed in the Central Fun Field Meet. A Fun Field Meet is when multiple schools come together and compete in physical competition. There are many events that cadets compete in, including pulling a fire truck with a rope, relay races and many more.
  • Competed in the Tampa Bay Tech Sanctioned Field Meet. A sanctioned field meet includes inspection by Marines, and team competitions. Teams in the NJROTC program include the Unarmed Drill Team, Armed Drill Team, Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team, and Armed Exhibition Drill team. Each of these teams practice a routine and perform in front of judges. The school with the best routine wins.
  • Competed in the Fort Desoto Orienteering competition. Located on the public beach. Rather than running through the usual dirt and oak trees, cadets ran through sand and palm trees. Haleigh Mayhugh placed 2nd on the girls’ yellow course, and Domingo Sanchez placed 3rd on the boys’ yellow course. Our yellow team placed 3rd overall and our green team placed 2nd overall.