Art Students Create Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary


Christine Bocchino, Clubs/Organizations Editor

In response to the devastating tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, many schools around the country have decorated snowflakes to send to the affected school district in solidarity during this difficult time.

“The idea is to create a winter wonderland; a completely different environment when they return,” said Mary Wilson.

Students in Wilson’s art classes have been contributing to the cause by making their own unique snowflakes that each hold a different meaning.

“I wanted it to be more than a traditional snowflake,” said Jordan Molineux (’13) “representative that over time their hearts will heal and that people are pulling for them.”

The unique service project is one of the many service projects Wilson’s classes participate in, and Wilson hopes to continue to use art to help those in need of hope.

“I’m making this year more service and community centered; we still bring in artistic concepts, but more global- and community-oriented,” said Wilson.

The nationwide project to provide support to those affected by the disaster in Newtown, Connecticut is a way for everyone to provide hope through their art, not just students. To send your own snowflakes to support Sandy Hook and help rebuild their learning environment, click here.