AP Bio Punches Through Photosynthesis Lab

The class is working hard to see the reaction and get a full understanding of the lab.

Dominique Posada-Wilcher, Staff Writer

Kurt Thoreson’s AP Biology classes aren’t your normal text book only courses. This past week, students were challenged to do a photosynthesis lab where they had to punch holes into spinach and make the discs float and sink in water. This may seem impossible but not with light and darkness.

“The lab is hands on by the students so that they have the ability to manipulate and observe the pace of photosynthesis,” said Thoreson. He said this gives the student the chance to actually determine the reaction of light coming into plants.

When the discs of spinach were put under a lamp, the spinach were creating oxygen causing them to rise. On the other hand, when put into a dark closet the spinach disc used oxygen instead of creating it. This caused them to sink in water compared to them floating while under the light.

“This lab was an excellent learning experience full of fun and excitement,” said junior Savanna Hearne.