FCA, First Priority Head Prayer at Flagpole

Emily Draper and Natalia Ayoub

Students gathered by the flagpole in the courtyard. Some were mingling with friends, others enjoying a Krispy Kreme glazed donut. Christian music played from a boom box. Peninsular Christian Church’s Pastor Terry patiently waited for the rest of the students to arrive. Soon enough, the crowd of people began to form into a circle, holding hands with the people on either side of them. As they all bowed their heads in silence, student leaders prayed for Robinson, for the community and for each other.

National “See You at the Pole,” or SYATP, day took place on Wednesday, September 24. The event is held annually on the fourth Wednesday in September. It occurs during the “Global Week of Student Prayer,” celebrated during the week of September 21-27.

Established in 1990, this event is recognized at schools across the globe. It encourages students and others in the community to participate in this national day of prayer by gathering at the flagpole at their local school before school at 7:00 AM for a prayer through Christ. This event is led and organized by students at the school.

About 25 Robinson students were seen at the flagpole this Wednesday morning.

Together, they circled the pole and prayed to God. Two Robinson clubs mainly helped to organize and initiate this gathering of prayer, First Priority and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or FCA. As a student leader and active member in both of these clubs, Mary Johnson (’15) played a major role in helping this event come to life at Robinson.

Johnson regularly goes to the flagpole before school in order to pray with a few other students who also wish to start their morning off with prayer. Johnson went to a private Christian school for ten years before coming to Robinson, said she started coming to the prayers by the flagpole each morning.

“We had chapel each morning at my old school. When I came here, I really missed that idea of praying each morning,” said Johnson. “It’s a great way to start of your day, and it just makes your entire day go better.”

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