Senior Awarded $10,000 Scholarship

Isabel Hanewicz, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

Senior Meng Fei Shen was awarded a $10,000 scholarship from the Nordstrom’s company, one of 80 in the country. She was surprised with a giant check, MacBook Air, and Gigi’s Cupcakes during her fourth block history class by Nordstrom’s representatives and school administrators.

Shen, who did not know that she had won a scholarship prior, was completely stunned when she was called to the front of the class by the manager of the International Plaza Nordstroms.

Shen is the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, KnightWriters, and the founder and director of the Pandeagle Cultural Institute, a non profit that helps increase awareness of Chinese culture in America and help educate unprivileged children in China.

In the future, Shen wants to major in international business.