Sahebzamani Leads Project to Paint Staircases


Photo Kaitlyn Corwin

Sahebzamani hopes that her beautification plan will help students take more of stake in the school.

Charlotte Rose, A&E Assistant Editor

Naze Sahebzamani, World History and U.S. Government teacher, has developed plans to decorate Robinson. By next year, the four main staircases will be brightened with paintings of the student body’s favorite books.

“We had this idea, when I saw a picture of this staircase. The risers, the area between each step, were painted with the names of different books,” Sahebzamani said. “I thought it would be a really pretty way to beautify our school, and to get kids more engaged in their school.”

Sahebzamani plans to hold a contest in order to determine which books will be painted on the staircases.

“Each class can adopt one of the four major staircases and the homerooms [will] pick the top ten books they want to see on the stairs,” Sahebzamani said.

There will also be a contest to see who will paint the landings of the staircases, the platforms in-between the flights of stairs.

“[The winner] will get to paint their interpretation or their symbolism of Robinson High School on that landing and they will be there for the whole year,” Sahebzamani said.

Sahebzamani has already received $500 from the foundation to spend on all the equipment needed for this project. The plan is for the staircases to stay this way for at least a year, and if all goes well, they will do it again next year.

“Anybody who wants to help can enter and help us paint the staircases,” Sahebzamani said. “You don’t have to be in art to help out.”

If you are interested in participating in this project, see Sahebzamani in room 243.