Mascot auditions to be held Sept. 20


Photo Isabel Hanewicz

The old Knights mascot slays the Plant Panther at the 2015 Plant pep rally. In addition to a new person, the 2016 mascot will also have a new costume.

Ashlea Daniels, Staff Writer

Tomorrow, Sept. 20, mascot auditions will be held in the cafeteria at 3:10 p.m.

Assistant Principals Amanda Batista and Wade Martin, along with teachers Sarah Sanford and Constance Whitman, will make up the panel of judges. A guest from the Tampa Bay Lightning will also be in attendance to help select the mascot.

Students coming to audition had to complete and turn in the mascot application form prior to Wednesday’s auditions. Nine students are scheduled to try out for the spot of the Knight.

“We check your GPA to make sure that you can manage a rigorous course load and still be able to maintain grades needed to be the mascot,” said Kristina Chowning, Robinson’s Student Government Adviser. “We check your discipline to [make sure] that you’re not going to incite havoc in your mascot costume.”

Once chosen, the mascot will appear at sports games and pep rallies, but the selection will be kept secret from the student body.

“The mascot will be fully covered, no one will know who it is and that’s part of the appeal because we really want to have the mascot remain anonymous,” Chowning said. “We feel that people are going to be less inhibited if people have no idea who they are.”