Culinary students prepare dinner for conference night


Photo Dylan Morales

Chef Clarke shows one of his students how to properly use the tilt skillet.

Sarah Jennewein, Staff Writer

Chef Russell Clarke’s culinary class prepared dinner for the conference night held Thursday, Feb. 23. This was the first time that the culinary students have cooked for the event, as it is generally catered.

“We [made] some homemade meatballs that have veal, pork and sausage, very delicious, spaghetti noodles, some garlic knots,” Clarke said. “We [served] that with some salad, ranch, and chocolate chip cookies.”

For most of the students, preparing the spaghetti was a learning experience.

“This is the first time this year that they’ve made the meatballs,” Clark said. “We’re learning about how they use egg as a binder.”

Culinary student Troy Yoakum (’20) agreed that cooking for the event helped improve his abilities.

“We’re learning new skills,” he said. “It’s really nice.”