New Year, New Chef


Natalia McCalla, Staff Writer

Starting off the year, Robinson has a number of new faces that have been added to the mix and with the addition of these new faces comes new things students can look forward to. Of course, Chef Clark, our previous Chef, will never be forgotten here at Robinson high school, our new Chef Jason Lucas opens a door for our culinary class as he shares his new skills and aspirations with the students. As the year begins the menu changes into what will be helpful and beneficial to everyone.

“I wanted to add more items to the menu in which all stations will be contributing their own work to the new lunch plates.” Lucas said.

His ideas help the students share their work with others, which allows the them to have a great learning experience.

“He seems really nice and really knows what he is doing, and we already learned how to make a chocolate rose and I’m excited to learn more,”  Molly Orlick (’20) said.

Already intrigued in the class, Orlick  wonders about the new things she will create and experience. With an intelligent and skillful chef such as Chef Lucas, students hopefully set a path for themselves towards one day becoming a chef of their own. There is certainly much to learn from Robinson high school’s new chef.

Encouraged by Chef’s Lucas outlook on the future of the class, Mekhi Williams (’19) looks forward to learning from him. As the year carries on all students can improve their skills and take what they learned from Chef Lucas and apply their new understandings at home.

“I’m very optimistic about the new chef he seems like a very cool guy,” Williams said. “He really plans on opening a real bakery, there’s new prices like the bundle of cookies for only a dollar and there’s going to be new pastries like cinnamon rolls. It’s going to be really exciting this year.”