Robinson’s got spirit


Photo i. hanewicz

Students cheer and show their spirit while being filmed at last year’s morning pep rally.

Nicole Perdigon, Staff Writer

Robinson is getting its time in the spotlight at an early morning pep rally on Friday, October 6. The schools spirit rally is anticipated to be exciting, despite it starting at 6:15 a.m.

WFLA News Channel 8 will be visiting Robinson and filming the pep rally as part of their weekly Friday Morning High School Blitz. They will be spreading the word about the accomplishments of students, while also showing off school spirit.

The news station holds this event weekly every Friday during football season. They send out an email to eligible high schools that asks if they would be interested to be a part of their event. The final decision for the rally is put to a vote, which Robinson won.

“I think it’s just their way of showing that kids do great things and that you should go out there and support them,” said Nikki Lockett, assistant principal of administration.

Regardless of the early call time, students and faculty seem to feel excited and prepared. Many of Robinson’s organizations will be attending, such as the school’s football team, the band, the Starlets, the cheerleaders, and the school’s mascot. Many of the Starlets and band members know what to expect, as they performed at the same event last year.

Starlets co-captain Reginald Allen (’19) was in attendance at last year’s WFLA morning pep rally.

“It went really well,” Allen said. “I had a lot of fun even though it was really early in the morning. I was kind of tired, but it was a good to bond with everybody else in the school.”

If you’re looking for an eventful start to your Friday morning, come out to Robinson to show your school spirit. The pep rally will be held in the football stadium.