Student parking limited by construction

Natalia McCalla , Opinions Editor

Robinson starts off the 2018-2019 school year with reduced parking space, and students have taken notice.

A portion of the student parking lot (located outside of the gym) is taken up because of construction for an additional building of 12 new classrooms.

“We are building 12 new classrooms as well revamping the school parking lot as of last year and prior year the student lot was half drives ed range and half student parking so they moved the drivers ed range across the street.” Principal Robert Bhoolai said.

The intention is to improve the student parking lot by moving the drivers ahead across the street to create more room for parking and to help grow along with the school’s population.

Although the situation will improve once  the building is complete, many students are still frustrated with the parking lot and hope the construction will clear out within a few months.

Jaill Tanke (’19) has been getting dropped off and picked up in the student parking lot for the past year.

“This year there has been a lot more congestion with all the cars trying to merge in to one line, trying to go through when last year it was a straight shot through the parking lot.” Tanke said.

Before construction began for the new building, there was an entrance at the very front of the parking lot where two cars could go through at a time. This entrance is now blocked by construction. So in order to allow people in the student parking lot the school opened another entrance on the side of the parking lot and another exit father up the side. In both openings, only one car is allowed through at a time. This slows down the time it takes to enter and exit the student parking lot.

“It takes me at least ten minutes to get out of the parking lot because everyone is trying to leave at one time, once the construction is done I think it would before efficient and people could probably leave in 5 minutes than 10.” Savvy Debus (’20) said.

Another consequence of the smaller parking lot is that many juniors and seniors were not able to get a parking pass and have to park in the neighborhood around the school rather than in an official parking spot.

However, with the Driver’s Ed lot being moved across the street and the completion of construction this spring, the new student parking lot should be doubled in size compared to last year.

“We are hoping with everything set and done we will have somewhere around three hundred spots. I won’t know the final number until final plans are drawn.” Bhoolai said.