Preview: Robinson is full of talent

Robinson will hold their annual talent show in February.


Photo RHSToday Staff

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Ella Wertz, News Editor

Robinson High School’s annual talent show is coming up. The show is hosted by Tri-M Music Honor Society.

The talent show provides students, and faculty, with the chance to show off their talents and passions to the rest of the school, while being surrounded with the support of their fellow peers.

“My favorite part [of the talent show] was seeing like-minded people share their passions and what they’re proud of, as well as getting to share mine,” Lucy Frank (’22), the winner of last year’s talent show, said.

The talent show is a great opportunity for students to reveal their creativity and show their non-academic side. Students’ acts in the talent show can range anywhere from singing to juggling.

“We want a lot of people to try out for the talent show so that we can showcase all of the talents that is at Robinson High school and also to make that night really fun with a bunch of different acts and varieties,”  Christopher Revett, band director and Tri-M sponsor, said.

Ticket admittance into the show is $5. The money from ticket sales and application fees will be pooled together to become cash prizes for the top three acts in the show.

Even if you don’t try out or try out and don’t make it, the talent show will be an excellent place to hear some good music and see some interesting acts by your peers. The talent show is on Thursday, Feb 13th at 6:30 in the auditorium.

“I’d say go for it! It’s important to just be yourself and do what makes you happy,” Frank said. “That’s what makes each act special.”