Update on COVID-19

Latest information about the coronavirus from the WHO, the CDC and Hillsborough County.


Photo Image curtesy of the Centers for Disease Control

The coronavirus gets its name from the club-like structures which give it a crowned appearance.

Morgan Brazier, Editor-in-Chief

As of March 5, there have been a total of 95,333 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and a total of 3,282 confirmed deaths worldwide according to the World Health Organization. The United States has had 129 confirmed cases with nine deaths. The majority of COVID-19 cases and deaths have been in China.

In Hillsborough County, 11 people have been tested, two of which came back positive, five negative and four are still pending. All of these cases are reportedly connected to one woman who traveled to Italy recently where there has been an outbreak of COVID-19. There has been a third confirmed case in Manatee County.

The two women who tested positive are currently quarantined in their homes, and there are 37 people in the Tampa area who are considered “returning travelers” and are being monitored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC has said that most people in the United States currently have “little immediate risk of exposure.”

The Hillsborough County school district released a preparation update for COVID-19 on March 3, stating “at this time, based on guidance from the Florida Department of Health, there is no reason to be scared.” It is recommended that everyone is conscious of their personal health and hygiene, such as washing your hands, not touching your face, and staying home from work or school if you are sick.

The WHO has released a situation report on COVID-19 daily since Jan. 21 which details the most recent events and statistics of the coronavirus situation. You can find this report here.