Senior Sweater Party Dec. 10

SGA is organizing a sweater party for the Seniors at Robinson


Robinson will be having a Sweater Party for the seniors

Julia Guillermo, Staff Writer

As the end of the first semester is coming to a close, students are preparing for their final exams. For the next two weeks students from all grade levels will be studying diligently, in hopes of passing their classes.

Especially, for the seniors many of them may be experiencing high levels of stress, due to it being their last year in high school. Majority of them are applying for colleges or trying to figure out their plans after graduation, which can be overwhelming at times. However, IB Senior and the student government President, Priya Sambasivan has just the solution to bring light to the situation.

To help the IB and traditional seniors stay motivated, Sambasivan along with the Robinson SGA is organizing a Sweater Party on Friday, December 10th from 6-8 p.m. in the Robinson gymnasium. Tickets will be sold this week to all seniors for $5 on MyPaymentsPlus and will be closing on Thursday, Dec. 9 at midnight. To ensure that individuals have paid in advanced, SGA volunteers will be checking off names on the list exported from MyPaymentsPlus.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the Senior Sweater Party. I know the seniors will pull through with the holiday spirit, and I can’t wait to be there,” Sambasivan said.

Two other members of SGA, Sara Gainer (’23) and Jasmine Hollars (23′) are also looking forward to having the event, as they are helping organize and volunteer for the upcoming party.

“The Senior Sweater Party will be a way to relieve some stress before exams, and a way to have fun with friends.” Gainer said.

Hollars is especially thrilled that she gets to be a part of helping boost Robinsons school spirit, and agrees with Gainer that the event will be a good time for seniors to kick back and relax.

“It’s the only senior holiday party, they’ll ever get the chance to go to, so why not make the most of your high school career?” Hollars said.

To make the party more festive, SGA asks that seniors come in their favorite holiday sweater and attire. If you’re a senior you certainly don’t want to miss out as there will be plenty of food, music, and dancing for everyone to enjoy.