RHS flag football earned the Nike sponsor


Lindsey Chadwick, staff writer

As many already know, Robinson flag football got sponsored by Nike this year. I have heard many people say “how come flag football gets all this stuff for free” or “I wish we got all that stuff”. Nike may have sponsored and given Robinson flag football Nike clothing and gear at no monetary cost, but Nike donated it for a reason.

Robinson flag football works hard all year round. In their off season, the team practices and conditions around 2 times a week and plays in tournaments regularly. Even when not in season, the mentality of working hard to not lose is still flowing through their brains. The junior varsity team hasn’t lost since 2011 and varsity has won five state titles which is a big part of what makes them recognizable by Nike. Not many other teams work with the same intensity during the off-season.

This team is full of athletic talent from head to toe, and not just in flag. Girls that play basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and track also play flag. I play softball and flag, which are during the same season and have to manage both sports, school work, and my outside of school life. The coaches are very understanding when working together to make both of sides of the schedules work.

Robinson flag is an extremely fun group that a lot of people want to be apart of. It consists of great bonds with both the players and coaches. However, when it’s time for business the game faces go on and they go out and dominate. This team makes outstanding ambassadors. Nike noticed that this program was different and decided it would be a good way to get the game out there for more people to play. They want to expand the game of flag football and what better way to do that than with branding their gear through a team as competitive as Robinson flag.  

When someone says, “how come you guys get all this stuff for free” it is really irritating because they did not get this stuff for free—they earned it.