Knights! Camera! Action!


Photo Jules Whitaker

The cast of this year’s “Broadway Knights” stands center stage during their performance.

Jules Whitaker

On October 19 in the school auditorium, Robinson’s Troupe 2660 debuted a one-night performance of ‘Broadway Knights’. The show was a compilation of different Broadway numbers and Pantomimes. The diverse performance was full of songs from classics like Wicked, to the latest musicals to hit the Broadway stage. The night opened with the heartfelt group number ‘Will I’ from the hit musical Rent. What started off as a small solo built and ended with a full chorus singing 6-part harmony. The solo performances were then led by a new face to Robinson’s Troupe, Jermaine Stephens (’18), or “JT.” Stephens is a transfer student from Blake.

” As soon as I transferred here, it was the first thing we started working on. A lot of work went into [the show], and it felt really good to put it up here and share with the school”

Stephens  went on to comment about his personal pieces and what they meant to him.

“I opened the show with a solo. I performed the solo ’Goodbye’ from Catch Me if You Can’… I’m a new student and I wanted to do something to catch the audiences attention and I felt like ‘Goodbye’ was a powerful show opener.”

Following his performance was a set of vibrant solos and duets. The closer of Act I was the song ‘You and Me, But mostly me’ from The Book of Mormon, a comedic duet performed by Matthew Reinecke (’18) and Jack Sowers (’19). Their piece took some creative liberties and instead of it being split between Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, both performers played a perspective of Elder Price mirrored by the other.

Between the two acts was an intermission that offered refreshments and Break-a-leg grams, where audience members could buy $1 strips of paper to send a performer an encouraging message to be read at the end of intermission. All funds from the Show went towards the Theatre troupe and performing arts program.

Act II started with a number from the award-winning show Hamilton. In the number, cast members LeAshia Tim, Mariah Wilson, Eva Alcarez, Kaitlyn Scott, and Mekhi Cusseaux worked together to put on the upbeat song ‘Schuyler Sisters’.

Following the group performance was another string of refreshing numbers, and to end the night the cast met on stage all together to put on one last song, ‘Seasons of Love’, an iconic song from Rent. Together, the cast finished out the night the very same way it started.