INSTAGRAM: Robinson Says “Goodknight” to Dad’s Stadium Early

The rain beats both Plant and Robinson.

Zoe Thaxton and Juno Le

Rain or shine, the Plant game never fails to bring a strong sense of pride and school spirit to campus the day of.

In wake of the annual rivalry game against Plant High School, Robinson students dressed up—or rather, dressed down—in their favorite pajama sets.

“I think that when Plant sees us, they’re going to be intimidated because of how unified we are in our school spirit and how together we are in our artistic endeavors with our clothing choice,” Issa Allbritton (’23) said.

Minutes into the first quarter and flashes in the sky, students and spectators were pulled inside to wait out the rain. About an hour later and attendees were dismissed for the night as the storm was not getting any better.

The game is now postponed until tomorrow, Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. at Dad’s Stadium. The Robinson Marching Band and Cheer team will not be attending.