New Head Football Coach Announced

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Shawn Taylor was formerly introduced as the Knight Head Football Coach on February 1.

Christine Bocchino, Clubs/Organizations Editor

The retirement of Coach Depue has raised an important question-who will continue the legacy, and have the honor of being named head coach of the football team?

The decision has been made; the new head football coach, Coach Shawn Taylor, has been a teacher at Robinson for ten years, and experienced many of the successes the Knights have accomplished on the football field.

“I’ve been looking forward to being head coach for a long time, but it came faster than I expected,” said Taylor.

In view of another successful year for the team, Taylor doesn’t feel that there are any need for changes on the field to continue to improve, but off the field is a different story.

“I’d like the team’s academics to improve,” said Taylor. “Some of my [freshman] guys think they can just hang out for a year; I need them to know that their grades [are] important.”

Taylor aims to bring more attention to the players’ grades by holding more study halls in his new position as head coach, along with many more wins for the team.

Other changes that will be seen this spring include:

  • IB Science teacher Craig Everhardt taking over the offense coordinator position with the departure of former OC Robert Burns who has left the staff.
  • Coaches Scott Decamp and Vaughn Volpi will assumer the duties of  co-defensive coordinators.
  • Coach Willie Terry will take over Taylor’s position of O-Line coach.

The Knights are scheduled to play on May 23 in the Spring Jamboree at Plant High School. They are tentatively schedule to play the Panthers, while Jefferson can expect to play the Leto Falcons.