Taylor Tackles Duties as New Head Football Coach


Ashley Moriarty, Journalism 1 Correspondent

New Robinson head football coach, Shawn Taylor, held his first football meeting to discuss the 2013 season back on February 4, in the Driver’s Ed classroom that has doubled as football headquarters since Taylor’s day as a Knights footballer and before. Taylor was more than impressed with the number of students going out for the team.

“I even ran out of papers to hand out to everyone,” he said.

Running out of papers were the least of his worries. Only a week after being announced as retiring coach Michael DePue’s replacement as head coach of a team that went further than any other football program in Hillsborough County for the 2012 season, Taylor’s already beginning to fell the pressure that comes with the position.

“It’s a lot less football, and a lot more administrative duties,” he said of the difference between being a position coach and a head coach. Taylor previously coached what many called the best offensive line Robinson has seen in over a decade. Possibly longer.

Apart from all the new administrative duties, Taylor still has to help new members prepare for the 2013 season that finds his team in Class 6A District 8, a nine-team district that includes state powerhouse Armwood High School.

Taylor said in order to prepare for what looks like a tough season, the team must improve academics, strength and learn football in what Taylor calls the Robinson way.

“The Robinson way of football is polaying with good work ethic, lots of hard work and a good attitude,” he said.

Taylor knows exactly how the Knight’s football team works, and after the meeting, all the new team members do as well.