Flag Football Has High Expectations


After winning their first District Championship last year and advancing to the FHSAA State Quarter Finals last year, the flag football team has high expectations for this season.

Christine Bocchino , Clubs/Organizations Editor

After the strong season last year, with a district championship title for the girls’ flag football team, a devastating loss in state competitions brought them back motivated and determined to succeed this year.

“We’re hoping to be district champs again,” said Kylee Gorngpratum (’14), “and to move on to states and win.”

The girls’ team made a great play in the beginning of last year’s state championship game, but it was all downhill from there, and they are hoping to improve on what needs to be fixed in order to take back their rightful title.

“If the energy of the game hadn’t changed, we could’ve won,” said Crystal Ortiz (’13).

Gorngpratum agreed.

“We’re working on what was holding us back; making little goals and later on putting all of what we learned into State competitions,” she said.

Strategizing and making changes in their workouts and plays, the team has been working as hard as ever to maintain their spotless record, 1-0.

“We know what we’re capable of, so we’re playing harder than ever before,” said Ortiz.

With their change in attitude, the team is stronger than ever, and ready to finish the season strong by achieving their goal of winning a state title and improving upon the mistakes from last season, making the Lady Knights into a force to be reckoned with.

“Last year, playoffs was just a dream, but this year it’s an expectation that we all have for ourselves,” said Ortiz. “Our goal is to go further than any Hillsborough County team has ever gone before, by winning the State Championships.”