Girls Soccer End Playoff Run to Largo, 2-1


The Lady Knights soccer season ended the same way it has the past three seasons. Penalty kicks in the playoffs.

This time it was against the Largo Packers in regional semifinals.

There was a large crowd ready to cheer, and eager teams ready to fight to the finish.

The game started off very slow; so slow that no one scored in the first half.

In the first half, it was rough. The referees were calling fouls left and right. The Knights were specifically angry at Largo player number seventeen, who received her first yellow card twenty minutes into the game.

Second half also started slow.

Thirty-five minutes in, Laura Osorio (’15) shot from the top of the box, hits the crossbar and went in for the first goal of the night.

Thirty-two minutes in, Amanda Chromiak (’15) knocked over a largo player and received a yellow card.

Eight minutes left, Knights Captain Hayden Jennewein (’15) subbed out, because of an injury.

The Packers took the opportunity and equalized the score with seven minutes left.

At the end of the second half, the score was 1-1, so overtime occurs. The girls sprinted back-and-forth but no results.

The girls went into the second overtime but still no goal, so the game would be decided by penalty kick.

Largo started off with a make; then Sam Ishee (’15) made hers; another for the Packers; and another for the Knights by Hayden Jennewein. Then Knights goalie, Mackenzie Johnson (’16) blocked a Largo Penalty kick and the crowd goes wild! Next up was Sarah Jennewein (’17) with a beautiful p.k. When the next Largo player stepped up, Johnson was ready and blocked another, which pumped up the Knights. Unfortunately, the pressure got to Megan Bohan (’16), and she hit the side pipe for the first miss by the Knights. Largo made their next one, but Caroline King (’14) missed hers, so the two teams had to send out more shooters.

In the second p.k. round, Largo started off with a make off of the crossbar. Then it was goalie against goalie, when Johnson shot and made her goal. It was getting intense, but Largo player made hers and Claire Rothschild (’14) made hers. It was up to the last two kickers, and the pressure could be seen by everyone. Largo made theirs, but sadly Laura Osorio (’15) missed hers.

The Knights ended up with a winning season and many fond memories.