New Start For Wrestling

New Start For Wrestling

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Michelle Aros, Staff Writer

Captains: Jermein Rivera (’15), Charles Heidt (’16) and Jacob Wyre (’15).

Team Goals: “Get better every year, every day and every practice to make great men out of young inexperienced men,” said social studies teacher Tomas Montero.

Stand Out Individuals:  Heidt, Rivera, Wyre, Keyton McCoy (’16), Lance Peltier (’17) and Jose Muñoz (’15).

Outlook on the Season: “I think we’ll do fairly well on continuing in the path of fifteen years of getting into state finals. I believe that we’re going to do fairly well in the toughest district, in the toughest region, in the entire state and the biggest one too as well so we’ll continue our tradition of working hard and doing well,” said Montero.

Anything else about the season: “I have a lot of young guys-freshmen and sophomores that have never wrestled and this year there’s going to be a lot of experienced players and the best incoming class-character wise, different weight classifications and diverse backgrounds that I’ve gotten in the past fifteen years and it looks like the future is going to be bright for them,” said Montero.