Robinson softball heads to regional finals

Robinson softball has made it to the regional finals for the first time in Robinson’s history.


Rachel (’20) Clark and Alex Kirkner (’20) hug right after they win the game.

Ella Wertz, News Editor

This past Tuesday, the Lady Knights softball team won against Wesley Chapel 4-3 in the Class 6A regional semifinal. A feat that made Robinson history and advanced them the closest they have ever been to the title game.

This playoff run has been different for the team. They lost to Jefferson in the District Championship, a title that has been a given for the team the past few years.

“This is the first time we’ve lost districts in like five years but it’s also led to us going further than any other softball team at the school has gone,” Alexis Smith (’19) said.

The softball team refused to use this loss as a barrier and they used it as a motivator to advance the Robinson team to heights they had never reached before in history.

“I think the district loss was really good for us because it lit a fire inside of us that helped us through regionals,” Alex Kirkner (’20) said.

The team has been successful this season because of their flexibility and willingness to continually put the effort in that is needed to succeed.

“… we’ve been able to make adjustments that have led us to win a lot of games,” Smith said.

This season has been different from past seasons, from harder practices and more bonding, which lead to this ultimate victory for the team

“This season was different because I feel like this year we have bonded really well as a team,” Olivia Van-Zandt (’21) said.

However, the hard work has just begun as the team kicks it into high gear to prepare for the upcoming game.

“We have been practicing everyday to prepare. This training has been good because it has helped me to become a better softball player,” Van-Zandt said.

This game and end goal of the season has pushed every player individually to preform their best.

“There hasn’t really been a lot of motivating needed because everyone on the team has the same drive to continue winning,” Smith said.

The team has continued to work together to push through to where they are now.

“Everyone on the team has a strong passion for the sport and we have been able to come together  as a team and face adversity and win a lot of games this year when we were the underdogs,” Kirkner said.

The team will travel to face Crystal River in the regional finals on Friday, May 17.

“I feel pretty confident going into this game,” Kirkner said. “Crystal River is a good team and they have a good pitcher but we are a great team so I know that if we play our best game there is almost no one who can beat us. I’m excited to see what my team can do Friday.”

Since this win, the team has set new goals that they are hoping to achieve as they head to Friday’s game and the rest of the season in general.

“I think I can speak for the whole team in saying our new goal is to get to states…we have a job to do and a goal to accomplish,” Kirkner said.