Cheer places fifth in the state finals

The cheer team performs for their last time this competition season earning fifth in the state


Photo Hanna Malone

The cheer team collaborates to form a full pyramid as the flyers link arms in the air.

Kenzie Krcelic, Staff Writer

Cheer wrapped up their competition season last weekend on Saturday Feb. 1 at the 2020 Florida High School Competitive Cheerleading State Championships in Gainesville. Competing against eight schools in the Large Division, Robinson took home fifth.

Robinson hit their routine with a only a few minor deductions and from the team, this was the last competition of the season, and for some, it was the last time representing RHS Cheer, specifically for Senior Captain, Iyana Maggio.

”I felt that since it was my last [performance] I’d give it my all, I didn’t want to leave the mat unsatisfied,” Maggio said.

This season for cheer has been a step-up from last year. Last season, the team had a difficult routine but got lower placements during their competitions. At states last year, the team hit 0 but placed sixth.

They had stiff competition last season. Every team hit their routines last year at States in their division and a lot of those teams had high tumbling and stunt difficulty. This year, the team did improve but the competition remained tough.

Niceville High School took first against Robinson in the Large Division this year at States. Their routine was packed with high difficulty tumbling and their stunts hit, backing up their win with a score of 85.40.

Though Robinson did not win, they accomplished their personal goals as a team. Some of their goals included placing top three for smaller competitions and making it to state finals, which were both achieved throughout the season.

For Senior Captain, Rachel Steinfeld, she feels that the team has come a long way.

“We’ve improved a lot because we focus on working together more than working individually which really builds the team up, ” Steinfeld said.

Placing within the top three at district competitions and getting fifth in the state, Cheer has overall had a consistent 19-20 season.