Boys’ lacrosse team takes another win

Robinson Knights beats the Durant Cougars 15-1


Photo Hanna Malone

Shota Konno (’21) prepares to make a pass to one of his teammates.

Hanna Malone, staff writer

The boys’ lacrosse players led their team to victory at a home match against Durant High School on Tues., March 3. Their final score defeated the Cougars 15-1.

Following last week’s loss to Steinbrenner, where the team failed to clear the ball over the midfield line and establish themselves in the offensive zone, Robinson made improvements that factored into their success this time around.

Against Durant, however, the goalie, Jefre Dasovich (’20), was able to correct many of the fundamental errors made in past games to help get the ball to Robinson’s offense. By utilizing the tactic of spreading the ball on their offense, seven different players on the team were able to make a goal.

During the first half of the game, the Durant Cougars scored their first and only point of the night. By this time, the Knights had managed to score eight points. One of those being set by first-time scorer Tyler Senkowicz (’21).

“It was a pretty surreal experience,” Senkowicz said, “After I scored the goal, I was kind of like ‘wow that just happened’. It felt really good when everyone cheered for me, and I was really happy that I actually went for it, because usually, I’m kind of timid when it comes to making plays.”

This year, Coach Eric Smithers has asserted that he has plans to further improve the lacrosse team by setting a focus on developing the team’s core defense.

“We need our core defense to be more physically aggressive and to communicate better, we’re working on that,” Smithers said, “We’re also developing new offensive sets to gain more production against stronger defensive units.”

The next lacrosse game is on Fri., March 6, at Wharton High School’s field at 5 p.m.. Robinson’s next home game will be on March 31 at 7 p.m. against Northside Christian’s team.