Money Can Only Buy A Mask, Not True Happiness

Money can’t buy anything but lies.


Photo Yesenia Rosario

Digital image of woman masking her happiness. Graphic designed in Canva.

Yesenia Rosario, Staff Writer

One of the most controversial things I’ve ever heard is that money can buy happiness. Though there are a lot of things money can buy, happiness isn’t one of them.

I believe money can’t buy happiness, only comfort. There’s nothing money can do for you, that you can’t do yourself. Many live without loads of money and are perfectly happy, myself included.

A few reasons that money can’t buy are relationships, time, health or real friends.

Money cannot buy happiness or true friendships. If you want true friends that’ll be there for you, money won’t be of use. Money is used as bribery for some to buy friendships by purchasing items for others and sometimes throwing it back in their faces to make them feel bad and stay. Money can’t be there to console a friend, you can. Money can’t be there or do anything, it’s an inanimate object that can’t do your “dirty work” for you. In the end, if you want true, happy friendships; be genuine, truthful and don’t rely on money.

Money won’t buy you more time than someone else. In the end, we all go out the same way by dying whether it be naturally or something else. You can’t buy your way through life and expect to live forever happily.

On the topic of health, mental illnesses also can’t be magically healed with any large amount of money. Mental illness is an illness that affects your well-being emotionally and sometimes physically. Attempting to throw money at any illness won’t do it any good and won’t magically make you happier or healthier. If it somehow does make you happier it’s fake and unhealthy. Unless you’re using the money for therapy and medications, throwing money at mental illness and expecting it to be “cured” won’t work.

Having loads of money creates many disingenuous people in today’s world. So many people are so far from reality it’s crazy. Throwing money at anything really won’t make you truly happy because happiness comes from within you and the people you surround yourself with. If you live every day of your life surrounded by pure, genuinely happy people, that can make you feel the same.

Money’s not the answer to everything, even though it may seem like it. Though money can be used to benefit others’ lives like donating, it’s not the answer to your own happiness. You need to find that true happiness within yourself and stop having a negative mindset that you need money to do so because you don’t.

I’m truly happy with the people I surround myself around every day and make do with what I can. I’m very fortunate and while others aren’t, even they are happy.