Video: DIY Christmas crafts

Nicole Perdigon and Jules Whitaker

Editors Nicole Perdigon and Jules Whitaker create a set of DIY Christmas crafts. Gift giving this holiday season can be more personal with these ornaments and decorations. These crafts are affordable, easy to make and will create a fun unique gift for any event this winter. Each craft offers the ability to free style and personalize your ornament so that you can make it just right.

The items used in our video can be purchased from most craft stores.


Our shopping list:

Snowman candles— small battery powered candles, black sharpies.

Santa/reindeer/snowman pucks—wooden Pucks, paint markers, string to make it a hanging ornament (optional).

Holiday sign ornament— hanging small sign, paint markers.

“Snowball’s For Sale” ornament— small bucket, cotton balls, paint markers, string bow (optional).