Road Rage: They Painted a Line for a Reason

Morgan Felt, Blogger

Dear Terrible Driver,

Have you ever seen those thick white lines painted on the road next to all stop signs and traffic lights? Yeah, those lines are called STOP LINES. And do you know what you’re supposed to do at those stop lines? STOP! AT THE LINE! (I know that just seems crazy, right?)

And no, not behind the line or in front of the line, but at the line.

This is probably going to sound crazy again, but you do this so you can give the pedestrians enough room to walk on the CROSSWALK. It’s pretty difficult for pedestrians to walk on the road with a huge car blocking their path, so they end up going around the car and onto the road, where there is even more danger of them getting run down by a car.

Moreover, do not stop three car lengths behind the stop line. That’s entirely pointless, because it will take a long time for both you and me to actually pass the light and it isn’t any “safer.” If you’re so scared of the intersection that you have to stop a million feet away from the stop line, I don’t think you should be driving.

It’s not that hard. Just stop at the line.

With love (but also rage),

M. Felt