RHSToday in Fashion: Best Dressed Senior Boy Reggie Allen


Allen’s outfit on any given day

Meena Vasquez, Staff Writer

Robinson senior Reggie Allen won the Best Dressed senior superlative. He is a Starlet and likes to listen to music, dance and do makeup. Today, Allen wears a tucked-in white t-shirt and adds some flare to it with a cardigan. The cuffed jeans and belt ties the look together.


How did you feel about winning, were you surprised? 

”Yeah, I didn’t really think I was going to win that category, cause I feel like there’s other people that dress really good too.”

What is fashion to you?

“Fashion to me is expressing how you feel in certain ways, so like if you’re a laid back person you wear laid back clothing, if you’re high fashion you wear designer clothing.”

What websites or stores do you shop at the most?

”Mostly Forever 21 because it’s very affordable.”

Any advice to be stylish on a budget?

”You can always go to thrift stores, I know some people look down upon it like ‘Oh people already worn it’ but you can always change it up, so like if you like something but you don’t like how it is you can cut the shirt or add things on it to make it something you can like and make it yours.”

How would you make a simple outfit pop?

”What I would do is if there’s a shirt that I like, I would crop it because I like crop tops so I feel like it would make the shirt look fresh and maybe like adding jewels, stones, and adding more fabric to it or just transforming it completely. So say if it’s like a really big shirt, you can make it to a two-piece or you could make it to a top and pants.”

How do you express your opinions and views through fashion?

”Well my fashion is very masculine and feminine combined and I feel like just because it’s female clothing it doesn’t mean you cannot wear it so I feel like if you like something you should be able to wear it just because it’s something you like and not what other people like.”

How did you get the motivation to dress stylish everyday?

”Well my thing, what I do is I normally pick out my outfit the day before and try on multiple outfits. So if you’re a person that normally wakes up late think about trying on outfits the day before and plan it before so if you already have you’re outfit out, you don’t have to worry about ‘Oh if I wake up late I don’t know what to put on.’ You already have it ready.”

How did your style change from freshman year to senior year?

”I don’t even think I had a style in freshman year, I would probably wear a T-Shirt and jeans. Now my favorite type of thing is kimonos because its very easy and accessible to put on, because all you have to do is wear a cami and put that on with some jeans and you’re ready to go.”