Let’s Rewind: Best Songs from the Last Two Decades

Isabel Hanewicz and Michelle Santacreu

I have a confession to make: my taste in music sways towards the, well, old. Like my friend and multimedia editor Michelle Santacreu, when people ask me my taste in music, I don’t exactly know what to say; after all, the majority of the music in my library was released before 2010, and a few well before that (if you haven’t heard Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way, stop reading this and listen to it. Yes, I know it was released in 1977).

So, for everyone who thinks listening to old music means listening to Ke$ha, Michelle and I are here to help with an hour-long playlist of our top (old) songs. No, there’s no rampant auto-tuning, pulsating beat or mention of trap queens, but we think you’ll find those aren’t entirely necessary for a catchy song.