Knights Mix: Carly Tozian

Charlotte Rose, A&E Assistant Editor

Every week, we ask Robinson Knights to tell us about their music preferences and then compile a playlist on Spotify of their favorite tracks.

Carly Tozian (’17) is our first featured mixer. She enjoys listening to alternative music, specifically indie rock.

“I like it because it’s such a wide range of sounds, whereas a genre like country has mostly the same sound or says the same thing over and over,” Carly said.

Alternative music can range from dream pop to grunge rock. Most of modern alternative music falls under the indie rock genre, which has gained popularity among young generations.

“It makes me feel unique,” she said.

Some of Carly’s favorite artists are Vampire Weekend, The Shins, The Growlers, Kendrick Lamar, and Dr. Dog.

Listen to Carly’s favorite songs below on Spotify.

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