What’s new on Netflix?

Katherine Weck, Staff Writer

As weather drops and the days get shorter, it becomes easier to binge watch your favorite Netflix show on Friday nights. Here’s what’s new to watch on Netflix

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


This romantic comedy from the 1960s has become a classic. Follow around debutante Holly Golightly around New York City as she sings her way into your heart.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Indulge yourself in another classic comedy, which follows around Ferris Bueller and his adventures while skipping school.



Near, far, wherever you are- spend four hours of your day watching one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies.

Stranger Things


Stranger Things has become one of the most popular shows of this year, exclusively available on Netflix. Watch Mike discover a new world of supernatural with his best friends.

American Horror Story: Hotel


Arguably the scariest season of this horror series, American Horror Story: Hotel is a season full of beautiful stars like Lady Gaga, Evan Peters and Matt Bomer.

The Vampire Diaries: Season 7


Everyone loves a good vampire show. The latest season of Vampire Diaries makes it debut this month on Netflix.

Haters Back Off


Colleen Ballinger, better known as internet sensation “Miranda Sings” stars in a slapstick comedy TV show exclusive to Netflix.



Fan of mockumentaries? This movie is packed with stars like Jane Lynch, Zach Woods and Fred Willard.