Get in the Halloween spirit with these movies

Charlotte Rose, A&E Editor

To prepare for Halloween, plan to watch a few movies to get you in the Halloween spirit. Here is a list of the eight best movies to watch before Halloween this year:

Halloweentown series – G

A Disney Channel series that focuses around a town full of supernatural creatures. The series consists of four movies that each follow a group of siblings that have magical powers. The siblings have to find a way to save the town from villains, but the portal to travel between the mortal world and Halloweentown is only open on Halloween.

Hocus Pocus – PG

In this movie, a group of three witches attempt to create a potion that will grant them immortality. However, before completing the potion, the witches are captured and executed by the people of Salem. Three hundred years later, the witches reappear after a boy named Max lights the Candle of Black Flame. The witches endure on a journey of finding a spell book that will allow them to live eternally.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – PG

A stop-motion animated movie about skeleton Jack Skellington who is the pumpkin mayor of Halloweentown. Jack finds himself bored of his work and wanders into the woods. He travels through a tree-shaped doorway and ends up in Christmas. He decides to kidnap Santa and do Christmas in his Halloween way.

Warm Bodies – PG-13

A movie about a zombie named R and his journey of finding love while trying not to be killed. While scavenging for food, R meets a human girl named Julie and has the desire to protect her from the other zombies. The movie follows the pair as they try to return Julie back to the remaining humans.

The Conjuring – R

A family moves into a secluded farmhouse and finds there is a demonic presence in the house. They contact two paranormal researches who help the family get rid of the spirit attached to them. The researches find out more about the house history and discover the spirit has a murderous agenda. This movie was also inspired by true events.

Insidious – PG-13

A couple move into a new house with their three sons. While exploring the attic, on of their sons, Dalton, falls and hits his head. Dalton falls into a deep coma and doctors can not diagnose the problem. Weird things start happening in the house and so the parents hire a group of ghost investigators. They discover there is a demon trying to take over Dalton’s body and try to find a way to bring him back.

Beetlejuice – PG-13

After newlyweds die in a car accident, they are forced to remain in their house as ghosts for fifty years before they can earn their wings. A new family moves into their house and the newlyweds attempt to scare the family away. However they couple is terrible at scaring people and hire a scare-master, Beetlejuice, to help them get rid of the family.

Twitches – PG

Two teen witches were adopted by different families and separated at birth. They finally meet on their 21st birthday and discover their magical abilities. They must work together to fight against the evil force that is corrupting their birth world, Coventry.